What a rewarding class! 

Susannah has a natural warmth and caring nature which, combined with her obvious extensive yoga knowledge, expertise and passion puts you at ease and means you get the very best - for you - out of her classes. My body, mind and soul have benefitted immensely. I'm hooked! 

Claire T

A warm friendly welcome awaits all. Classes are planned to ensure everyone can work at their own pace and add in more challenge when it feels right for them. I thoroughly enjoy Susannah’s yoga classes.

Louise Smith

As a complete beginner I am amazed at how much I have learnt so quickly, from hardly being able to balance on one leg! I can now achieve twists and balances and feel a lot more supple. Susannah is a natural teacher who cares for and inspires us with gentle humour and kindness.
I'd recommend Susannah's yoga to anyone!

Cathy P

Susannah’s classes have enabled me to cope with menopause, by using her breathing techniques I have learned to drift off to sleep at night and also to control and calm my anxiety issues.  The postures learnt in class have also helped me to ease sciatica and shoulder aches.  I can totally recommend her calming and very friendly classes.

E Barclay

I went to one of Susannah’s classes for the first time having very little experience in Yoga. I loved it, I found the way Susannah explained the poses we had to adopt so easy to understand because she explained them in such detail and with complete clarity, I didn’t have to keep turning to her to look at her position as I just understood it all so well by her clear instruction. Little things like that make the class so much more enjoyable and so worthwhile. I can’t wait for the next one.

Matt H

Thank you Susannah; your flow yoga video classes are a fantastic way for me to practice my yoga at a time that suits me. I love the fact I haven't missed one of your fabulous online or face to face classes.


Thanks so much for the wonderful online yoga session. I loved it! My body felt so much better afterwards, as did my mind. Seriously its the best hour I spend each week and it's keeping me sane during lockdown. Your voice is so calming and seeing the others in the class is great.