About Yoga Santosha

For me, yoga is a little slice of peacefulness in an often hectic world. I went to my first class over 20 years ago and my yoga practice has been with me through life’s ups and downs ever since. It helps me to feel calm, flexible and strong and restores my energy.

I launched Yoga Santosha after qualifying as a registered yoga teacher in 2017. I teach Hatha Yoga which combines classic yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation to build strength and flexibility, improve balance and relieve stress. I also teach the wonderfully relaxing Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

I hope to share the benefits of yoga with everyone who comes to my classes, whatever their age, fitness level, health condition or experience. I like to give students as much individual attention as possible to help them practise yoga safely and in tune with their own needs. I aim to offer support and encouragement in a friendly and enjoyable class, both face to face and online.

Why not come and join me? 

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Yoga Mats
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