Clifftop Yoga


You’ve got questions. Here are the answers.

Why yoga? And do I need to be flexible/young/fit/female?!

Yoga is a wonderful way of working holistically with your body, mind and breath. It is non-competitive and each person works at their own pace. With regular practice, you will notice increased flexibility, strength, improved posture and an overall sense of well-being. You may also feel calmer and better able to cope with stress.
Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, gender, levels of fitness, range of movement, etc. If you do have an existing health condition or an injury, please let me know in advance of the class so I can take care of you. Everyone attending completes a confidential Yoga Class Health Form.

Are the yoga classes Covid-safe?

Yes. I have completed a detailed risk assessment and follow current Govt recommended Covid protocols. The venue is spacious, clean and ventilated. It's essential to book your face to face class in advance so that we don't exceed maximum numbers (which are set so that safe social distancing can be maintained while we are on our yoga mats). Please wear your face covering to enter and leave the hall and take a lateral flow test before attending. If you test positive or show any Covid symptoms or feel unwell, please let me know that you are cancelling your class that day.

What do I need to wear/bring?

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in easily. Layers are helpful to adjust for changes in temperature as you warm up and cool down. Yoga is practised in bare feet or you can buy special ‘yoga socks’ with grippy soles.

Bring your yoga mat. Maybe a bottle of water. A blanket and even a small cushion are also good for the relaxation part of the class.

Eventually you might decide to invest in a yoga block and belt. These yoga props are inexpensive and designed to make your body more comfortable - but they aren't essential items.

How do I book and pay for my class?

You can book and pay via this website. If you want to buy a single (one-off) class, visit the Book Online page and select/pay for your class. If you'd like to benefit from discounted classes, visit the Class Passes page and buy a pass first, then follow the instructions to book your class(es), redeeming credits from your Pass as payment. You can attend whenever you choose (it doesn't have to be consecutive weeks) and you can also cancel and reschedule classes using this booking system. If you can't book/pay online for any reason, please contact me so we can discuss another method.